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 At iGen Solutions, we take pride in building innovative and user-friendly web applications that provide tangible value to our clients. One such example is ddcoaching, a web application we recently designed and developed using Angular. and Firebase

ddcoaching is a coaching website that allows administrators to easily manage courses and topics from a centralized dashboard while enabling users to register for paid courses and access course content. One of the standout features of coaching is its intuitive drag-and-drop functionality, which allows users to easily organize course content and images according to their preferences.

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feb 24, 2023



01. Сhallenge

Our team of developers faced several challenges during the development of the DD Coaching website. One of the primary challenges was to create a user-friendly platform that was easy to navigate and provided detailed information about coaching services. We worked closely with the client to understand their requirements and goals and designed and developed a responsive website and mobile application that met their needs.

Despite the complexity of these technical challenges, our team successfully integrated all the required features into the platform. The platform now provides a seamless and secure experience for users, allowing them to access coaching services and pay for courses with ease.

02. Solutions

To overcome the challenges mentioned above, our team at iGen Solutions implemented several measures. For creating a user-friendly platform, we ensured that the website and mobile application were designed to be responsive and easy to navigate. We also provided detailed information about coaching services to ensure that users could quickly find the information they needed.

For integrating payment systems, we implemented a secure payment gateway with various payment options and compliance with relevant regulations. We also conducted thorough testing to identify and resolve potential technical issues to ensure a seamless payment experience for users.

Overall, our solutions resulted in a user-friendly and secure platform that provides a seamless experience for users.

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03. Results

The solutions we implemented resulted in a successful outcome for the DD Coaching website. The user-friendly platform we developed provides a seamless and engaging experience for users, and the integrated payment systems ensure secure and easy transactions for customers. As a result, the website has received positive feedback from users and has seen an increase in traffic and sales. The success of the website has established DD Coaching as a leading provider of coaching services and has helped the company to grow its customer base and expand its business.+

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