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Our team at iGen Solutions undertook the development of a comprehensive FHIR platform, a specification that encompasses a wide array of healthcare capabilities across different contexts and jurisdictions. We embarked on this project with a dedication to delivering a robust and user-centric solution that empowers healthcare processes and information exchange.




April 12, 2022


Medical billing/HealthCare

01. Сhallenge

Fueling the blur of combat is a radical shift in brand growth models. Within the span of most executives’ careers, advances in technology have reshaped how consumers engage with brands. In the US and UK, more than 60% of consumers now discover products online, and 85% of millennials trust reviews from a faceless stranger more than traditional advertising. The same technology advances have dramatically altered the competitive landscape.

02. Solutions

Seamless Data Flow: Our team meticulously mapped out the Foundation Module to enable a smooth and intuitive information exchange, enhancing the interoperability of healthcare systems.

Terminology Harmonization: Leveraging the Terminology Module, we established a unified language that facilitates effective communication among healthcare professionals, minimizing misunderstandings.

Robust Security Measures: We implemented cutting-edge security protocols from the Security and Privacy Module, safeguarding sensitive healthcare data from any potential threats.

Optimized Workflow: Our experts fine-tuned the Workflow Module integration, ensuring information exchange aligns with healthcare processes, optimizing overall workflow.

Strict Conformance Adherence: We rigorously validated our solution against the FHIR specification and implementation guides, ensuring a high level of conformance and reliability.

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03. Results

The outcomes of our efforts are truly transformative. The FHIR platform we’ve developed has ushered in a new era of efficient healthcare information exchange. Users now experience a seamless, secure, and intuitive platform that empowers their workflows.

Positive Feedback and Adoption: The platform’s user-centric design and robust features have garnered positive feedback from healthcare professionals. This has led to widespread adoption and increased utilization.

Elevated Healthcare Processes: Our solution has contributed to streamlined healthcare processes, reducing friction in information exchange and enabling professionals to focus on their core responsibilities.

Growth and Recognition: The successful implementation of the FHIR platform has positioned iGen Solutions as a leader in healthcare software development. Our dedication to excellence has garnered recognition within the industry.

The FHIR project stands as a testament to iGen Solutions’ commitment to innovation and delivering impactful solutions that drive progress in the healthcare sector. As we continue to advance, we remain dedicated to pushing the boundaries of technological excellence

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