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    In 2020, iGen Solutions had the privilege of building a website for Medicorex, a prominent healthcare technology company based in the United States. Our team developed a cutting-edge website that showcased Medicorex’s range of services, including medical billing, credentialing, and medical coding. We integrated electronic claim submission and charge entry systems to streamline their operations and make their services more accessible to their clients. We are proud to have contributed to Medicorex’s success and look forward to continuing our partnership with them.




November 22, 2020


Medical Billing company 

01. Сhallenge

Our team of experienced developers worked closely with Medicorex to understand their requirements and goals. We designed and developed a responsive website that was easy to navigate and provided detailed information about their services.

02. Solutions

iGen Solutions successfully developed a website for Medicorex, integrating various tools and technologies to provide a seamless experience for their customers. This included live chat support, social media integration, and appointment scheduling. Despite facing challenges during the development process, our team overcame them and delivered a website that met Medicorex’s requirements and provided a satisfying user experience. Overall, we were able to meet our client’s expectations and help them achieve their business goals.

03. Results

As a result of our work, the Medicorex website was successfully launched and met our client’s expectations. The website features a user-friendly design, easy navigation, and quick access to information about Medicorex’s services. The integration of various tools and technologies has provided a seamless experience for Medicorex’s customers, including live chat support, social media integration, and appointment scheduling.

Furthermore, the optimized website has helped Medicorex improve their online presence and attract more clients. The website’s loading speed and search engine optimization have contributed to increased traffic and better search engine rankings.

Overall, the successful development and launch of the Medicorex website by iGen Solutions have resulted in improved customer engagement, increased website traffic, and improved brand awareness for Medicorex in the healthcare industry.

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